• Dignifying Victims of Wars 14.06.2015 Belgrade

    Dignifying Victims of Wars

    In the year in which countries of former Yugoslavia commemorate 20 years of the Dayton Peace Acord signage, and after numerous international and internal reports, theatre... More

  • 30.01.2015 Beograd

    Interview Sandra Schulberg: Movie That Shakes the World

    Film producer Sandra Schulberg explains to Marija Sajkas the importance of the Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today documentary made by her father Stuart Schulberg, and talks about the most significant trial of the XX century, the movie's new world tour and the influence Nuremberg has at international justice More

  • 04.09.2014 Belgrade

    Over a Decade After the PM Assassination: Political Background Still Unknown

    The executors and organisers have been convicted but despite often repeated promises the Serbian PM assassination's political background has remained unsolved for 11 years More

  • Serbian Mercenaries in Ukraine: For Religion... and Money 01.09.2014 Beograd

    Serbian Mercenaries in Ukraine: For Religion... and Money

    While Russian media praise the participation of Serbian volunteers in fighting in eastern Ukraine, Serbian top leadership accuses them of being mercenaries and announces harsh punishment More

  • A FROG AND DEMOCRACY 25.03.2013 Belgrade


    Zoran Djindjic used to come to his cabinet in 2002-2003 and permanently repeat: We have to fulfill our responsibility towards The Hague and resolve the Kosovo issue as soon as possible, otherwise the whole process of democratization and modernization of Serbia will be seriously slowed down and obstructed. More

  • 21.01.2013 Belgrade

    Four ladies – four aces

    Directors of the Representative Offices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) in four European states speak for the Novi Magazin about their experiences, the attraction of investors, merchants and partners to Serbia and the struggle with prejudice and poor reputation of the state More

  • 06.12.2012 Beograd

    I don’t trust religion, I trust God

    Interview: William Paul Young More

  • Europe-YES! Corruption-NO! 03.12.2012 Beograd

    Europe-YES! Corruption-NO!

    The conversation with the First Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić took place on Sunday, between the morning session of the Government of the Republic of Serbia and the memorial service for the victims of the wars in the area of former Yugoslavia held in Saborna crkva (the Cathedral) only a day after the news on arresting the suspects for malpractices related to the manure business. More

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