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Cyber and other fences

Cyber and other fences
“Rambo Amadeus left the “Guitar fest” because of a hidden camera” and “The CIA knows where you were on your summer vacation” are two headlines posted three hours apart on www.novimagazin.rs on Sunday, August 7th. Seemingly unrelated, these headlines are a lethal combination which make everyone ask a simple question UNTIL WHEN?

But before the question, a short reminder: the hosts of the famous Zaječar Guitar fest prepared a heated welcome to Dado Topic, a rock legend, in the studio of Timok television station with a stupid hidden camera show known as “Mission Impossible” where they tried to provoke him with a false viewer’s question, which is basically the favorite question of the local nationalists-dawdlers, what are Croatian singers doing in a Serbian music zone?

Accustomed to different evils Dado just stayed silent to those low blows, but Rambo got pretty pissed and walked out of, not only the studio, but the Guitar fest which allowed such harsh pranks with their guests.  

On the other side of the Atlantic, we found out that the CIA is making a new computer program „Finder“ which will view all of our vacation recordings if we post them in any given form on the Internet, no matter what they were intended for or if we protected them. The aim is, surely, sublimed: a base of landscapes is created to identify possible terrorist locations. Therefor, dangerous place is the terrifying mountain behind the boat on which you and your boyfriend are kissing or laughing with your child, your room from which you can see a centennial tree with an unusual treetop, a terrace with a chipped step, a log cabin in a deep forest... 

What binds these two headlines into a winning combination? Simply the unauthorized peeking into our lives. In both cases the excuse is a sublime goal, the first is a little more down to earth, fun and profit, and the second one is based on the general fear of terrorism, but in the essence of both of them is the plan to take away man’s last piece of privacy and restrict his freedom.

Rambo, to the happiness of many and fury of even more, protected his college  even though „the music community“ where the owner of the Timok TV is a hot shot, will surely not forgive his „unprofessionalism“. The CIA is out of reach, just like the other formal and informal Smiths, theirs and ours, who, without a warrant, poke into our plates, beds, diaries, computers...UNTIL WHEN? 

Until when will we indulge the distaste and for someone's profit publicly ridicule people and institutions? When will a fine line be set to separate fun from mockery, no matter if the target is a regular passerby, an artist, a  showbizz star or a politician? UNTIL WHEN, ultimately, can you poke into other people’s lives?

The electronic and cyber fences are more sophisticated and require a little more knowledge and tools, but are equally primitive, monstrous and immoral just like holes in wooden fences through which we have spied on our neighbors for centuries. To the fortune of the streets and the misfortune of those whose privacy was invaded.

author: Jelka Jovanovic source: Novi magazin
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