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Two months after the bombardment of Serbia in 1999, I found myself at a big congress of investigative journalists in Warsaw. After an exhausting trip (we already forgot how it was during the sanctions – night travelling to Budapest, waiting around for hours at airports and finally catching your connection) I wasn’t up for anything.

I left dinner before the main course (steak stuffed with strawberries….the Polish wanted to impress us) and practically didn’t meet anyone of more than 200 participants of the congress. I could hardly wait for everything to be over so I can go home.

At the end of the two day conference I spotted a group of journalists, at the exit door, pointing a finger at my direction. One of them (I found out later he was Karol Zimmer, the star of the Slovenian television) approached me and said, not in a mild manner: “Hey, you are from Serbia? Follow me”.

In front of the conference hall, in the magnificent hotel lobby, there was a group of twenty young colleagues waiting for me, and Karol triumphantly yelled to them:”This is him! This is the journalist from Serbia!” And then they explained to me: All time during the congress, there was a whisper among the participants that there was someone from “the aggressor’s state”.

They were expecting a tall, large, aggressive journalist (probably with a dagger in his mouth and a bloody beard). They were very disappointed when they saw me…” You are so, somehow…different…we weren’t expecting this…You look, somewhat, European “…

Our Novi magazin shares the same faith. They were expecting a boring weekly magazine that we’ll be clever and give out lessons to everybody, and they got…something different. A modern, fresh, interesting, playful…As if it wasn’t from Serbia (like the colleagues from the Warsaw conference would say).

Even though I spent only a couple of minutes speaking to the colleagues in the lobby of the congress hall (I was in a hurry to catch a plane to Budapest), some of them became my best and most faithful friends. We expect the same to happen with Novi magazin, and the first results show that we are on a good path to do so.

It is difficult to give a final mark after just three editions, but one thing is for sure – you will not be ashamed if you carry us down the street, at work, or to give us to your children and friends. We are completely different – in the best sense of the word.

author: Milorad Ivanovic Executive editor source: Novi magazin
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