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The resurrection of JSO icons

The resurrection of JSO icons www.mc.rs
Somehow, it all came handy! Practically at the same time when it was announced that the Socialist Party of Serbia and the Serbian Progressive Party would form the new government, the Gendarmerie promoted a new oath in which Kosovo is set as a condition of survival of Serbs and Serbia.

On the Special Operation Unit’s (JSO) celebration day, attended by the ongoing minister of police and the incoming Prime Minister Dacic, it was plain to see that berets were worn and salutes were made in the same way JSO used to do it.

The oath was written by the JOS commander Bratislav Dikic, who made the decision on the salute and the way of wearing berets.

In case someone has forgotten, JSO had killed Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic, after which it was disbanded. In recent years it has been mentioned in public only in the reports of the trial of commander Milorad Ulemek and his right hand Zvezdan Jovanovic, who shot Djindjic.

Resurrection of the iconography of the unit in the public is, to say the least, problematic, and it is further politically embarrassing because it happened on the eve of the formation of the new government that will be led, what a coincidence, by the parties who were in power in the nineties when JSO was established.

Of course, SPS and SNS are not the same parties that were in power in the nineties, nor it is the same time, but the discomfort caused by the splurge of force and inappropriate invocation of spirits from the past are the same, at least for the citizens who are fully aware of the criminal nature of the gendarmerie model.

When asked about the text of the oath which disturbed the public, the minister briefly replied that he had not signed any document in that regard. If we strictly interpret this statement, it turns out that the minister is only responsible for what he signs and that he does not have to worry about the actions of different police units, and that he is not responsible for the work of the entire department. He said that the oath should not be as it is and at least for now, that was the end of it.

Perhaps the minister knows more than we know. Perhaps he thinks that this is not a serious potential threat, but a tragicomic attempt of the Gendarmerie commander to define a new iconography of the unit. But, citizens do not know that. Citizens can only remember what JSO did in the past and that every resemblance to this organization, even a remote reference to its achievements, inspires fear and suspicion.

The Gendarmerie is a respectable armed force of about 3,000 extremely well armed men, more than JSO used to have. Citizens have already had reasons to wonder with concern whether there is adequate control of such an important police unit? Or does it control itself?

There is also the fact that the commander of such a powerful unit is allowed to freely interpret its purpose, and the oath that he personally wrote defines Kosovo as something without which there is neither Serbs, nor Serbia, nor its citizens and as an ideal for which the unit members should give their lives, despite the fact that no war, including the war for Kosovo, is defined as the task of the Gendarmerie. Just as there are no defined rights for the commander to interpret the ways in which Serbia should fight for Kosovo and minister to easily turn the blind eye to unauthorized actions. 

author: Dragan Janjic source: Novi magazin
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