• 22.02.2018 Belgrade

    Marko Savković: Towards the “new normal” in international relations?

    When asked on the state of Russia’s relations with the European Union, the director of the Carnegie Center in Moscow Dmitri Trenin recently said that “the time of crisis has passed”; the “new normal” has taken its place, here to stay for... More

  • 10.02.2016 Belgrade

    Interview – David McAllister: EU asks Serbia and Kosovo not to block each other

    In an interviewwith Novi magazin, David McAllister speaks to Julijana Mojsilovic about Serbia's successes and failures on its way to the EU in 2015; relations between Belgrade and Pristina; possible timetable for opening new chapters and... More

  • 30.12.2015 Belgrade

    VideoInterview with Hans Friedrich Schodder (VIDEO)

    This year around 800,000 refugees, mostly from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, but also from Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, and other countries which the refugees come from, crossed trough Serbia along the so called Balkan route... More

  • 14.06.2015 Belgrade

    Dignifying Victims of Wars

    In the year in which countries of former Yugoslavia commemorate 20 years of the Dayton Peace Acord signage, and after numerous international and internal reports, theatre performances, books, testimonials, acclaimed documentaries and feature... More

  • 04.09.2014 Belgrade

    Over a Decade After the PM Assassination: Political Background Still Unknown

    The executors and organisers have been convicted but despite often repeated promises the Serbian PM assassination's political background has remained unsolved for 11 years More

  • 25.03.2013 Belgrade


    Zoran Djindjic used to come to his cabinet in 2002-2003 and permanently repeat: We have to fulfill our responsibility towards The Hague and resolve the Kosovo issue as soon as possible, otherwise the whole process of democratization and... More

  • 21.01.2013 Belgrade

    Four ladies – four aces

    Directors of the Representative Offices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia (CCIS) in four European states speak for the Novi Magazin about their experiences, the attraction of investors, merchants and partners to Serbia and the... More

  • 13.07.2012 Belgrade

    Dacic’s storm on the banks

    Although he has not yet got hold of Prime Minister’s seat, Ivica Dacic has alreadystarted scaring off the investors.His statement that "financial sector is the biggest enemy of our nation because its only aim is to rip people off and that... More

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