• 30.05.2012 Belgrade

    Cohabitation is not good, but it is the only solution

    After the political earthquake caused by the victory of Tomislav Nikolic on presidential elections, Serbia has to face a new cohabitation, said Minister of Labour and Social Affairs and Chairman of the Social Democratic Party of Serbia (SDPS)... More

  • 27.05.2012 Belgrade

    Nikolic's office in charge of the coordination of services

    It is not uncommon that people from the 'old regime' gain access to intelligence information. Ivica Dacic has had it for four years. More

  • 25.05.2012 Belgrade

    Delevic: Europe awaits the results of the new president

    The European Union accepts the choice of Serbian citizens, but also draws attention to the challenges that lie ahead of Serbia and await the results of the new president for the evaluation, said the director of the European Integration Office... More

  • 18.05.2012 Belgrade

    Serbia is on the right track

    Judicial reform in Serbia is now heading in the right direction and the recommendations of Venice Commission are generally adopted, exclusively said to Novi magazin the new President of the Commission Gianni Buquicchio. More

  • 18.05.2012 Belgrade

    Who has the wrong calculation?

    Perhaps the leader of the progressive party did not finish his masters properly, but he has 'the mind of a peasant that is hard to outsmart, just like the farmers on the food market', explained his closest associate Jorgovanka Tabakovic in... More

  • 11.05.2012 Belgrade

    Record lease of airtime for election videos

    The executive director of AGB Nielsen agency Darko Brocic says that the recent elections set a record in the lease of airtime for the broadcast of TV spots. More

  • 11.05.2012 Belgrade

    The choice

    Serbia is currently in such an unfavorable economic situation that plain logic would rather urge people to run away than to rush to it. But politicians are particular kind of people. More

  • 10.05.2012 Belgrade

    Is Serbian Progressive Party facing a possible split?

    The fact that Tomislav Nikolic received significantly more votes in Belgrade than SNS candidate for a mayor Aleksandar Vucic has led to tensions in the party leadership and mutual accusations. More

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