• 29.04.2012 Belgrade

    Security environment has fundamentally changed

    The policy of military neutrality is probably the least developed public policy of the Republic of Serbia. It is defined by only one sentence in a parliamentary resolution adopted in December 2007. More

  • 29.04.2012 Belgrade

    Political neutrality makes no sense

    There are demands for the termination of the Stabilization and Association Agreement. The probable outcome would be the problems with membership in CEFTA, followed by the problems with many other agreements. More

  • 29.04.2012 Belgrade

    The election neutrality

    The idea of neutrality serves as another name for getting closer to Russia which did not bomb us, which is not "taking Kosovo" away from us and which supports us in the United Nations. In fact, the main objective of the DSS is to... More

  • 29.04.2012 Belgrade

    Google knows and so do we

    Well, there’s something I can’t understand. How is it possible that people with disputable past became the owners of companies with indisputable value? Whenever applying for a job, as an ordinary citizen, I need to provide the proof that I... More

  • 25.04.2012 Belgrade

    Arms dealer financing SNS

    Serbian Progressive Party presents a political cover for at least three groups of Serbian organized crime - arms dealers, the businessmen who sprang from the State Security and the 'patriots' from northern Kosovo and Metohija, reveals Novi... More

  • 16.04.2012 Belgrade

    The campaign for invalid ballots is unproductive

    At least hundreds of thousands of voters need to opt for “white tickets” so that we could even talk of challenging the legitimacy of the elections. And this is not realistic. More

  • 16.04.2012 Belgrade

    Dissatisfied voters should not stay at home

    The entire initiative “white tickets” is a protest against what DS has done over the past years and against the insufficient engagement of LDP. People blame DS for its actions and LDP for inaction. More

  • 16.04.2012 Belgrade

    "White tickets" are not political program, but political protest

    An average voter does not seek the causes of his troubles in insufficiently radical commitment to reforms of the ruling party. Neither in Serbia nor in any other country does he seek the internal reform of a party in parliamentary elections. He... More

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