• 07.06.2012 Beograd

    The public sector as burden on Serbia’s back

    The fact that public sector salaries are 40% higher than the ones from the private is contradictory to social justice and the best indicator of how the system in Serbia is directed against the freedom and entrepreneurship More

  • 23.05.2012 Beograd

    The president’s performance of a lifetime

    Bestowed with considerable abstinence, invalid ballots, theopponent's inadequate campaign and slow or somewhat ineffective results; and handicapped with almost unanimous aversion among the media, last week Tomislav Nikolic was elected... More

  • 06.05.2012 Beograd

    The fascinated became disappointed

    The basic question is why is the reputation of Serbs and Serbia in the world so bad and when will we start looking for answers and changing this image, says Vojin Dimitrijevic in an interview with Novi magazin. More

  • 06.05.2012 Beograd

    To reduce the reference rate to inflation level

    A radical reduction of the reference interest rate to the intended inflation level of six percent would significantly reduce the interest rate of dinar loans, said the director of Serbian bank Ivan Maricic. More

  • 05.05.2012 Beograd

    This is the time of searching

    Belgrade designer Predrag Stakic gave the world the first logo for human rights last September. His bird that forms a hand "Free as a man" was appealing to people worldwide who voted online. More

  • 05.05.2012 Beograd

    Footnotes for democracy

    The footnotes in scientific studies often reveal certain details that are known only to persistent researchers. Newspaper comments do not provide such information, but they notice the footnotes that are present in public, but which somehow seem to... More

  • 21.04.2012 Beograd

    Serbian Orthodox Church between pedophilia and abortion

    When I listen to church dignitaries, I often get delighted that we firmly stepped into the 21st century in spite of all the currents and difficulties that keep pulling us back. I guess it means that we have reached the level of civilization when... More

  • 21.04.2012 Beograd

    How to obtain 6 billion euros for development

    The idea of the investment fund for the development was brought to state political leadership by Milutin Nikolic, the owner of consulting firm Citadel, and his fist suggestion is that the first and most important job of the new government should... More

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