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  • 14.07.2011 Novi magazin 11

    Why is no one taking care of the image of Serbia?

    Serbia doesn’t have a law on lobbying, because why almost every activity whose purpose is influencing the decision makers can be seen as corruption. Mirjana Pantic investigated why lobbying isn’t regulated by law, why that activity still has a... More

  • 14.07.2011 Novi magazin 11

    Soskic: The inflation will be zero percent on the fall

    The governor of the National Bank of Serbia (NBS) Dejan Soskic in an interview with the Novi magazin expressed his expectations that on the fall the inflation will be zero percent, just like the possible deflation. More

  • 14.07.2011 Novi magazin 11

    The Hadzic enigma

    The highest government ranks lead by president Tadic claimed for the last few weeks that Goran Hadzic will soon be captured; Jelka Jovanovic writes about what he is being charged for and hoe he got away. More

  • 14.07.2011 Novi magazin 11

    Train for Grosnia

    Imagine you were travelling for a week on a train from Lisbon to Moscow. You can have three more people in your compartment. More

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