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  • 21.07.2011 Novi magazin 12

    How to earn a billion Euros

    From a foreigners’ perspective Serbia is, among other things, an expensive tourist destination where there are no good roads, signalization, tourist guides, quality programs… At the same time, it is a country of hospitable people and good fun,... More

  • 21.07.2011 Novi magazin 12

    The fall of communism

    Can the crisis from Greece overflow to Serbia? Unlikely. Can the fate of Greece happen to Serbia? More likely. End here are the arguments for it. More

  • 21.07.2011 Novi magazin 12

    Parents are suffocating their children

    "It’s going to be as I say so and that’s final!", "I know what’s best!", "You will eat what I prepared and don’t you fantasize!", "I feed you, I dress you, so you have to listen to me!"– these are... More

  • 21.07.2011 Novi magazin 12

    Doctors accepted a half of million in bribes

    Novi magazin exclusively reveals the data from an investigation on how much the pharmaceutical companies received in bribes, as well as the amount of bribes taken by the doctors. More

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