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  • 11.08.2011 Novi magazin 15

    Crime has deleted the borders a lot before the state did

    The State prosecutor’s office for organized crime gathered evidence which prove that the Darko Saric’s clan smuggled, in 2008 and 2009 alone, some four tones of pure cocaine in bulk , worth 140 million Euros, and that Stanko Subotic with his... More

  • 11.08.2011 Novi magazin 15

    The sufferings of the tiny saver

    Jelena Aleksic investigated is it, and why, more cost-effective to save in dinars or in Euros. More

  • 11.08.2011 Novi magazin 15

    Cyber and other fences

    “Rambo Amadeus left the “Guitar fest” because of a hidden camera” and “The CIA knows where you were on your summer vacation” are two headlines posted three hours apart on on Sunday, August 7th. Seemingly unrelated,... More

  • 11.08.2011 Novi magazin 15

    Two Serbias, both first

    Some love Guca, and others find it revolting, but Bajo Cavic investigated how did a traditional fair, basically clean and unknown, get the status of a world phenomena about which even CNN reports. More

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