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  • 19.05.2011 Novi magazin 3

    How is money being stolen by public procurements..

    Agreed deals are easily recognized by the fact that they are received just 10 minutes apart from each other. Anka Milosevic and Zlatko Minic investigated what other “symptoms” reveal that the deal was made fraudulently. More

  • 19.05.2011 Novi magazin 3

    And from the prince of Kuwait - a priceless watch

    This and another 500 gifts are being kept under lock and key on the fourth floor of the Government building in Nemanjina street number 11. Reporters from the New Magazine had the rare opportunity to see this unique treasure. More

  • 19.05.2011 Novi magazin 3


    Two months after the bombardment of Serbia in 1999, I found myself at a big congress of investigative journalists in Warsaw. After an exhausting trip (we already forgot how it was during the sanctions – night travelling to Budapest, waiting... More

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