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  • 16.06.2011 Novi magazin 7

    I owe you and you owe me

    Out entire economy is becoming more and more like a market, the trade market; Businessmen are offering to pay each other in everything but money; More than 64.000 companies are sealed off because of the mutual demands/dents worth over two million... More

  • 16.06.2011 Novi magazin 7

    Maybe this is all that will ever happen to me

    An American writer, born in Belgrade, Tea Obreht (Barjaktarević), is the winner of this year’s prestige British literary award Orange for her first novel “The Tiger’s wife”. More

  • 16.06.2011 Novi magazin 7

    The age of the big market

    In the last couple of year I have been, several times, in a situation to answer the question of the state of the Serbian media scene. When faced with the same question you, of course, think up a formula in which you vary your answers. My formula... More

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