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  • 30.06.2011 Novi magazin 9

    How much does a diploma in Serbia cost

    The education of an average student in Serbia cost around 30.000 euros; so carefully choose your college so you wouldn’t end up like thousands of others as an unnecessary highly qualified profession, warns Jelena Aleksic. More

  • 30.06.2011 Novi magazin 9

    From the death penalty to a famous writer

    It’s quiet. Too much. The rain is whispering through an open window. The only sound you can hear is your heart pounding…I cut one of the bars with my nail to make sure I wasn’t deaf. More

  • 30.06.2011 Novi magazin 9

    About trust

    Everthing is in trust. That was the slogan of the National Bank of Serbia when Mladjan Dinkic was managing it. He was maybe the best example of just how easy trust is lost. But the leader of URS is not the subject of this text. More

  • 30.06.2011 Novi magazin 9

    Nobody gets out of prison better

    Many people in Serbia heard about alternative punishments the day it was announced that Svetlana Raznatovic is getting an electronic bracelet for her leg. More

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